14. syyskuuta 2014

I'm Gonna Dry My Eyes

I've been really happy lately. All of the extra stress is starting to finally be over and I can smile again. Ofcourse I've still got alot of big dreams for this autumn, but for now, I'm just going to enjoy the things I've got going on right now!
First of all this is my last 4 months in school. My thesis is almost done and I've got a few exams and some practise hours left before the big day!

Secondly I've been selected to be one of the finalists at this years Pin-Up Finland 2014 competition. The finals are set to be at Lahden Jenkkiautonäyttely 4.-5.10.2014. A week ago we were taking some photos at Lahti for the public-voting. I'll be posting the voting links later. All of the contestants are amazing, beautiful women! I'm so excited. Here's some behind the scenes photos of me and my beautiful friend Sandra DeVille

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