sunnuntai 12. tammikuuta 2020

Pretty In Pink

A while ago I was contacted by Zakapa, asking if I was interested in trying out a dress if my choice from their shop. I was thrilled by the idea, because by a fast glance I noticed they had loads of beautiful vintage inspired dresses on their website.

I wanted a dress that would be vintage inspired, but comfortable and easy to switch from casual to a more formal look. I fell instantly in love with this baby pink dress. I have been having a thing for pink clothing lately. The dress arrived quite fast even though we had a postal strike at the moment.
Firstly, even though it's a very simple dress, it has a lovely detail with the Peter Pan collar. This collar is very wide and settles down nicely without pulling or having any troubles while wearing a cardigan at the same time. I chose to decorate it with a vintage brooch I bought from a vintage market years ago.

The fabric is also very nice and fits perfectly. With the material being 98% cotton and 2% elastane, this is a very stretchy dress and it twirls absolutely lovely. You can wear it both with or without a petticoat. I chose to to wear it without one becaude it really falls down nicely. And let's not forget, this one has pockets! So it's perfect for any modern gal that is still looking for that little vintage inspired pin-up look while wanting to stay comfy and practical. 

I paired this dress with a cropped cardigan from MAK and a baby pink headband by Rubylea. How do you enjoy the look? Also make sure to check out Zakapa. I am happy to offer a 20% discount from your purchace at Zapaka with the code CECE20. Happy shopping! 

This is a Sponsored Product Post. I have not been paid for this post, but the product featured was gifted to me. The content and opinions in this post are honest and my own.

torstai 25. huhtikuuta 2019

The Lady V London Peacock Tea Dress

I haven't had a lot of experience on Lady Vintage dresses since last winter when I got my hands on the Hepburn and 40's fishtail dress. This spring I was given the chance to test yet another Lady Vintage dress type, this time the 1950's tea dress.

I was super excited about the tea dress, because I am short (150cm) and mostly need to get many of my dresses shortened. The tea dress is 50's a styled silhouette dress, that has a high boat neck, a sleeveless fitted bodice and a cinched waist. There is also a sash to tie in the back and a full, flared hem, that ends just above the knee. Perfect lenght for a shorter gal like me. 

When I first tried the dress on I was kinda shocked on how short it was compared to the full lenght 50's repro dresses I am used to. The lenght is actually perfect for me, but it was kinda hard to fit my way too long petticoat underneath, so I highly recommend getting a shorter petticoat, if you purchase one of these tea dresses. I took my regular size and the material being 97% cotton/3% elastane, it has a nice little stretch to it that gives comfort and a good fit. The only problem was that my own natural waist was a bit higher than the one on this dress, so I had to lift it up a bit to get a nice working silhouette. I honestly would rsther choose the tea dress over the Hepburn dress because of the perfect lenght and sash, but I fear there might be a huge risk of doing Marilyn Monroe inspired flashing during windy days so I definately recommend using some shorts underneath. 

This dress has a vibrant display of peacocks and flowers, which I love so much. The website information says: "The sage green background is splashed with turquoise feathers as the peacocks perch on trees sprouting with red blossoms and lush leaves." Sounds perfect, doesn't it? These dresses also have pockets, a zipper in the back and are available in sizes 8-22! I will definately be getting myself more of these later on.

Outfit information
Dress: Lady Vintage Peacock tea dress
Cardigan: Emmy Design Peggy Sue in olive green from
Bangles: Splendette
Shoes: Charlie Stone Roma shoes in mahogany croc from
Petticoat: Banned from

This is a Sponsored Product Post. I have not been paid for this post, but the product featured was gifted to me. The content and opinions in this post are honest and my own.

sunnuntai 14. huhtikuuta 2019

The Local Car Show Event

This weekend we had a local American Car Show event in which me and my BonBon Bellas ladies have been attending for years. Previous years our pin-up group used to also do a little pin-up show during this event. Unfortunately, this year we didn't perform due to some of the girls having to work, but some of us hang around the car show and gave out leaflets for a couple of hours.


Our leaflets

Hey look, it's me!

I love myself a tiki bar!

My outfit was from I wore the new pink Emmy Design Peggy Sue cardigan, which you saw in my previous post as well. Well, almost, since that was Shirley's cardi and now I bought myself the same one. My dress was the Catarina t-shirt dress in mustard by Collectif Clothing. I wasn't a fan of t-shirt dresses before, since the buttons seemed to always pop from my bust, but the Catarina dress style has been perfect even for my figure. 

I already have a pencil dress version in mint, so I had to try out a circle dress version in mustard (because yes, I am obsessed with yellow at the moment!). I might be getting more of these quite soon, they are super comfortable and I really like the material of the fabric (97% cotton, 3% elastane). It also has a removable belt. The only thing I hate about the belt in this dress is that it has no holes. So I tend to replace the original belt with other ones I borrow from my other dresses. If there is anything I would love fixed about these dresses, is please, make belts with holes. Otherwise the dress is perfect, the circle version even has pockets!

After the car show we attended the after party at Rock'n Roll Diner. We performed there, but unfortunately we had no time to take photos so there is only one backstage picture to show you all.

After Party Advertisement

Bunny Girls Backstage Glamour

These sequin suits are actually bought from H&M a couple of years ago, they were a part of the Halloween collection. We use them as a part of our Bunny Girls act. The ears and tals (which you can't see) are from a costume shop. 

Outfit information:
Cardigan: Peggy Sue in pink by Emmy Design from
Dress: Collectif Clothing Caterina dress in mustard from
Earrings and bangles: Splendette
Hairdlower: Rockabilly Cherry
Bag: Sulokas
Shoes: Charlie Stone Roma shoes in mahogany croc from